Sabrina Dessalines is a 24-year-old, self-taught Artist residing in the city of Orlando, Florida. She has identified with the Artist title from a very young age, where she had always found an admiration for creating. Though Sabrina mainly worked on acrylic paintings, she has extensive experience with mediums such as oils, colored pencils, watercolors, and even resin. Since officially launching her art career, she has made a huge impact in many Orlando communities and can now add the title "muralist" to her resume. 


While keeping up with her studies as a Biomedical Science major, and balancing a night shift position at the hospital, Sabrina was always determined to make time to work on her craft. After graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2020, she was able to invest more focus and time into her pieces while also tackling a few local mural projects. Her first, a temporary project known as the Unity Mural was a pivot point in her career as it granted access to many more opportunities and acknowledgement in Orlando. Among those, Sabrina was brought unto more mural projects in which she collaborated and learned from other local female artists to create beautiful statements in the community. From community art classrooms for the youth, to 80 ft tall apartment buildings, Sabrina pushed herself past her comfort zone and now has immense experience as a muralist.

Sabrina's inspiration is to create luxury art depicting muses that look like her i.e., women of color. She loves to capture intimate bonds between subjects such as mother and child, and romantic partners. Though she aims for the viewer to make their own interpretations, she paints a picture that goes deeper than its surfaced beauty. She wants her audience to be inspired, empowered, and amused to her pieces as they hold weight in the eyes of today's society and its depiction of love, self-worth, and independence. Sabrina anticipates growing her portfolio profoundly and really make a brand with her style of art. She has a drive for success and continues to flourish in the creative spotlight as she devotes more time into her craft.